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Sennheiser Radio Microphone Systems
We have the Knowledge and Expertise to provide our customers with the best in Sennheiser Radio Microphone Systems.

Sennheiser are well established as one of the leading manufacturers of radio microphone systems, with wide acceptance in the broadcast and entertainment industry. As an Authorised Partner for their Professional Audio equipment we can supply any choice of system starting from the budget XSW range to something from their popular Evolution Series – please contact our Sales team for a competitive quotation.

Substantial stocks are held in the UK, together with crystals and eproms for not only the deregulated bands but also the popular licensed mobile frequencies as well as broadcast, theatre and fixed-site channels. All Sennheiser radio microphones are fully type-approved to the relevant MPT specification (MPT 1311 or MPT 1345 for the de-regulated channels and MPT 1350 for the more powerful licensed channels).