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VAT refunds – Heathrow

As a non-European visitor to the European Union you will pay VAT on most things you buy, although a VAT refund is available on most goods you intend to export from the European Union. In order to make a claim a form must be completed prior to arriving at the Heathrow Terminal 3 service desk.

The problem was that most people were unaware that this form had to be completed and therefore had to be turned away when asking for the initial VAT refund, which in turn led to unhappy visitors and additional stress being put on the staff.

We were approached by the client who wanted to solve this problem and after carrying out a through site survey we were commissioned to design, supply and install a audio system which could play several automated multi lingual messages through out the day.

A multi day timer linked to a digital storage media was used integrated with a Bose Audio System offering superb voice clarity. The Speakers are discretely located above the area where non-European visitors are waiting and now they are pre-warned reducing unnecessary waiting time and generating less stress for the staff

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